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Medical centre UniKLINIKA was founded in 2000. First private medical institutions of this kind were created in the West. Then, according to the demand, such specialized clinics appeared in Eastern Europe, later in Russia and Latvia, when our UniKLINIKA was founded. “We decided “not to reinvent a bicycle” and took as an example the pattern of work of leading Western clinics, where our specialists were trained” says the executive manager of UniKLINIKA Dr. Dmitry Ivanov-Loshkanov. Today methods of diagnostics and treatment in our clinic correspond to the level of developed countries.

UniKLINIKA was created with the aim of changing the present situation on the market of medical services. We tried to shorten the way of our patient to a narrow-field specialist. Our amiable administrator helps choose the right specialist either talking to you on the phone or personally and giving all possible information about medical tests, etc.

Initially UniKLINIKA specialized in the treatment of minor pelvis organs, but soon began to invite doctors of other specializations. And this is no wonder – we approach treatment in complex, so thorough analysis of the situation is a must.

International cooperation

UniKLINIKA cooperates actively with foreign medical and scientific centres, which provides constant rise of our specialists’ qualification, application of newest medical achievements and improvement of our treatment methods.

UniKLINIKA is an official representative of SANOS (Moscow), scientific centre of non-surgical urology and andrology. Cooperation with this centre allows us to treat chronic prostatitis using a special apparatus for so-called “pneumodrainage” of the prostate. Besides that UniKLINIKA collaborates with the international network of medical centres ON CLINIC.

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