BulletUniKLINIKA starts new site  (01/09/2004)

As of 1st of September we started our new site - We made this site more informative, tripled the amount of information and made it interactive and "vivid"...

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Published on 01.09.2004

How to use this site

The new version of UniKLINIKA’s site is a full informational resource that helps you get a free consultation through the internet or an on-line diagnosis, learn about medicine news, and get detailed information about our services. How can you do it?

Section “About Us”. Here you can find general information about UniKLINIKA – our history, doctor’s list, approximate prices of our services, data about confidentiality, and contact information.

Section “News”. Fresh information about UniKLINIKA is being published here, as well as news on medical services and technologies.

Section “Our Services”. Details about our specialists and their specialization, treatment methods, etc.

Section “Making an Appointment”. You can make an appointment with any of our doctors by filling in an on-line questionnaire.

Section “Questions – Answers”. Our specialists are willing to answer your questions through the internet. Ask them about what bothers you, on-line consultations are totally free!

Section “On-line Diagnosis”. You can define the degree of your health problems by using a simple algorithm and answering the questions you are asked.

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