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The new version of UniKLINIKA’s site is a full informational resource that helps you get a free consultation through the internet or an on-line diagnosis, learn about medicine news, and get detailed information about our services...

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Published on 01.09.2004

UniKLINIKA starts new site

As of 1st of September we started our new site - We made this site more informative, tripled the amount of information and made it interactive and "vivid".
"We try our best to provide professional approach to solving medical problems, including special attitude towards our patients" -says Director of UniKLINIKA Dr. Dmitry Ivanov-Loshkanov, - "Actually, the new site is meant for providing our patients with all the infomation they may need. Also, the site may be interesting for many Internet-surfers".
This site is not just to show the logo. Now it is subject to regular updates, presenting new specific features. Patient may ask doctor a question and get meaningful reply, as well as get information about most common diseases and health care news.
The site allows for online apointments with Your doctor in UniKLINIKA. A patient may get both useful advices and comprehensive infomation regarding possibilities of treatment of his (her) condition in UniKLINIKA.

Published on 02.02.2006

BulletHello, I am 29 y. o. woman. Me and my husband plan my first pregnancy - hopefully this summer. I use oral contraceptive Harmonet. At vaginal US exam they found 2 myomas, "inside uterine muscle', as I was told. I found in Internet that this may threaten the pregnancy and prevent from having several children. What should I do? i am a moslem, and I am supposed to deliver not the only, but at least three babies. Thank you in advance for your understanding and reply..

BulletAfter my first pregnancy I noticed external hemoroids. The hemoroids are painless, stool is normal and never was painful. There is no itching, but still hemoriods disturb me. Is it possible to get rid of it without surgery? I've heard about putting latex rings on the hemoroids, as well as freezing those. Is any of the methods available in your Clinic? How much does the intervention cost?

BulletI am 29 y. o. man. When urinating I can see blood admixture in my urine. Urinating is painless. How serious is this? What doctor should I call?

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  • Hoarseness, loss of voice
  • Painful urination

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